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Hello VDL community,

I was thinking to myself, if I want to put MY name out there, [u]I[/u] have too do the work.

This is my website of music. I'm selling my own stuff, stuff from the beginning of my writing to now, and it's not-Tapspace worthy material just yet ;-), but I hope you all enjoy it.

I'll soon have my own domain and everything.

Let me know folks!

Thanks Ralph;

I will agree with you, the ";hey, you like that, but in reality it blows"; comments are definitely difficult to take, but it's all part of putting your name out.

Thanks for the words of encouragement,

With a little editing:

Oh, I don't think I write a lot worse than you thought that I think that I thought you said I did once.

Zoolander... just in case...
Hey dude, it's cool enough that you're putting yourself out there:)

That first initial step of, ";hey everybody... here's what I can do and I'm putting it out there for all to see AND criticize"; is definitely the hardest one to take!

Of course, you need to be ready for the ";dude it kinda blows"; opinions. Other than that, you're gonna have a fun time doing it regardless of any success or failure you might see.

Enjoy it:)

To paraphrase the modern philosopher Hansel, ";Sting... now there's a personal hero of mine. I don't really listen to his music, but the fact that he's making it, I respect that.";
Hey everyone;

I figured I'd let at least some people know, that my website has it's first original composition up and running. Right now the pit book is what I have for an mp3, as I haven't dialed into making a full score mp3 without it sounding horrible. Though my composition is nowhere near Tapspace quality, I'm still very proud of this one and would like you guys to take a listen and let me know what you think. I'll have a full ensemble MP3 up in the coming week for sure.

Thanks for listening !
Not trying to be rude, but...

Calling yourself ";CEO-Owner-Founder"; will just get you laughed at.  Unless you actually have a real business with real employees, there's no reason to make up titles.  The language of ";us"; and ";we"; is unnecessary.  When you work as a freelance performer, composer, artist, etc., it's entirely OK to just be 1 guy, and market yourself as an individual. 

Adding mp3s and scores helps, but you're going to want arrangements (that have copyright issues worked out) and shows.  I have never met a drumline instructor who buys warm-ups and street beats from someone else, unless it's a publication from a top-12 DCI line.  You may want to arrange music that's in the public domain just to get started, then you'll have some actual shows for sale.

Good luck!
Just dropping an update:

As of now, I will be just putting up music for people to download for free to use. I only want my name out there, and making people pay for music of some kid they've never heard of is going to be difficult. In the event I become somewhat, ";popular"; I might add pricing, but I'm cool with self-promotion for free as well.

If you download anything, enjoy!

Thanks for the feedback on everything guys. Much obliged
Nice job with the Street Beat! The website is nicely done as well.
[quote author=Cadet311 link=topic=3130.msg16532#msg16532 date=1244292810]
#1 - Superheroes and Superheros... both appear as spelling in your parts.

#2 - Did you complete all of your rights/permissions for the Batman stuff?

#1 Oops.

#2 It is being worked on. I have it as Coming soon for that reason.
#1 - Superheroes and Superheros... both appear as spelling in your parts.

#2 - Did you complete all of your rights/permissions for the Batman stuff?
[quote author=E. Cruickshank link=topic=3130.msg16529#msg16529 date=1244250989]
Ralph, is that I-Web you used to create your websites ?

Yup and I love it. There are several limitations to it, but I have found a plethora of sites that show you how to do some next level stuff with it. As soon I wrap this season up, that's my next project.

(Jefe, what EES a plethora... anybody?)
Really digging ";Street Beat!";  Pretty sweet!
Hello everyone,

MP3's and a few starter PDF's have been added to a new page on the website. Let me know :-)

Ralph, is that I-Web you used to create your websites ?
I don't really have the capability right now to put MP3's in the store, I was thinking about putting MP3's on a totally different page.

Thanks for the input.

Hopefully I get more site visits now my Forum buddies know whats up =]
I agree!  The site looks decent, but without any mp3's or sample pdf's of the cadence's or any other music, I wouldn't buy them either. 
The site itself is laid out well, but I know I personally would not pay for any music until I have heard it. Get an sample mp3 of them up and you'll probably get a lot more bites:)
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