Suggestions for VDL 3

I have been using VDL 2, then 2.5 for some time now (2+ years total I believe).  Both are superior products!  I went back and listened to some really old Finale files (1994-ish).  I used to listen to all the battery staves playback through a piano sound.  It worked well enough back then, but now I can't imagine having to do that.  Kind of like what life was like before the cell phone.  :)  But I digress.

I would like to see a sound added to VDL 3 when it comes time.  Looking at the marching snare, I see there might be room.  But I would like individual RH and LH crushes (dry and fat).  I like to meter out my buzz rolls, and having something like this would make it easier to do (true to sound).  Also, when it comes to doing dynamics in buzz rolls, Sibelius or Finale would play each note, and adjust for dynamics.  I hardly ever use the short, medium, long sustained crescendo or diminuendo rolls.  Having individual RH and LH crushes, would allow for better dynamic control in playback as well.  Just a thought.

And not sure if there is room, but maybe the same thing in quads as basses as well.

My $0.02

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