Suggestions for Future Versions of Virtual Drumline

To make it easier whenever the time may come, I've decided to add a sticky here for any suggestions for future updates/development of Virtual Drumline.

Currently on the wishlist:

Coming soon...

Coming Soon...
I've heard some mention the possibility of adding batter side snares. I like that... Also very curious to see if the new Vent systems could be added. Slide a lever and you get a deeper tone/timbre out of the snares.
-Snareline Manual + Solo Kevlar with a keyswitch between the two
-Same thing for Snareline Manual LITE
-Tenorline Manual + Tenor Solo with keyswitch between the two

This would greatly increase the number of samples loaded, but I know that in almost every piece I compose/arrange I end up putting an instrument change to the solo instrument at some point. For the people who have the RAM to spare, this would be a nice addition.
I finally thought of one... probably because I haven't even used 1/3 of the features already included, so I don't feel like it's ";missing"; anything.

Long ago Mr. C mentioned using ProjectSAM Symphobia for realistic orchestral hits and effects.  It sounds great because they recorded a full ensemble instead of sections or solo instruments.  Even when you layer many tracks, it's hard to recreate a full ensemble sound.  Sometimes with VDL I want a really hard impact or some unison 16ths, and it doesn't quite sound like I want it to.
I think this has been mentioned elsewhere, but shorter cymbal chokes for the suspended, splash, china cymbals would be great.

I plan on going through all previous posts and aggregating the requests here, so these repeat requests will hopefully stop. Once marching band writing season is over, it will be so.
(I feel like I'm about to sit on Santa's lap at the mall...)

1. I definitely could get behind the Rack ideas for typical public school inventory!

2. Striking/scraping the cymbals/gongs with a triangle beater

3. Water gong/ dipping crotales into water (although my ignorance of building these libraries makes me wonder if that one is even possible). Now that I think about it, could we achieve that with a MIDI message?

4. ";Mad Scientist"; Rack! You know, all those crazy sounds people have figured out how to do that they wouldn't mind sharing. Scratching a spray paint can cap across a gong, rolling a triangle on a timpani head, etc.

I promise I'll be a good boy all year:)
[quote author=Lydian9 link=topic=3133.msg17239#msg17239 date=1249834460]
3. Water gong/ dipping crotales into water (although my ignorance of building these libraries makes me wonder if that one is even possible). Now that I think about it, could we achieve that with a MIDI message?

There's a water triangle, so it would really just be a matter of recording the sounds. However, you could probably use MIDI commands to accomplish this by using the B0 commmand and some EQ stuff.  I'm sure there would be a fair amount of work to get it to sound even remotely authentic.
Several octaves of both Almglocken and Tuned Gongs.
i've already posted before on my opinions, but I have to know....

what is a log drum ? (sorry the mega-uber noobage this question presents me with)
";";what is a log drum ? (sorry the mega-uber noobage this question presents me with)";";

You've no doubt heard the sound.
...and Google is your friend.
By far, I'd say the Steel Pan sounds need the most work.  Don't get me wrong, I love that there are some at all.  But it's really limiting when the note ranges are not full (esp. NO low E on Double Seconds).  I know that the pans are still evolving and note layouts are not yet standardized, but I'd love to have more than enough notes versus not enough.  Also, if we are getting picky, you really need to sample higher quality pans that have been recently tuned.
Thanks, keep up the good work
I've wanted to use a Cajon sound a few times. besides that, the above suggestions are all great.
Cajon for the win :)  Wish I had one :)
I would like to see (hear?) the addition of a second location on the MIDI keyboard of some key sounds, so that notation programs such as Finale can easily add a left hand hit on a different staff location than the right hand. Many writers like to write a two-handed hit on adjacent spaces and this would be do-able with a second set of sounds, although we are already running out of MIDI notes available, which is of course, a good thing in itself. LH hits, rimshots, rims, single hand crushes, etc. Anything that could and would be played two handed, needs to be able to be notated 2 handed. 

I think that a complete set of Japanese kodo drums would be a fine addition. They are, afterall, a Japanese drumline.

I realize that guitars and bass guitars aren't typically percussion instruments, but since Tapspace is one of the few companies that seems to be dealing practically with these things, I would like to hear the addition of different bass guitar sounds. Some basses have a ";drone"; sort of sound such as from a Gibson EBO (am I dating myself?), which would be a nice addition, but particularily, I was thinking of the treble pickup Rickenbacker sound made famous by Chris Squire of Yes, as well as the bass pickup Rickenbacker. Rickenbacker guitars have a unique sound, and I think it would be great to have the nice zlangy sound of Rics in 6 string and 12 string versions.

Bassline drums at various distances from the edge, similar to snares.

Speaking of bassline drums, I find that the bass drums are nice and clean for when you want nice running parts, but when you really want them to go BOOM, they don't. How about a few really nice BOOM hits from them.

Snare and bass rolls, and crush rolls, moving from centre to edge, edge to centre, soft to loud, and loud to soft, etc.

How about the addition of the bassline drums in between the ones that are used now. Not every bassline uses 6 basses, but when writing for 5 basses, or 4 basses, it would be nice to be able to select the range of drums that you want to use, and not be stuck with enormous gaps in the tuning, just because you have to chose from within the 6 basses sampled now. Don't forget to sample a few below the current Drum 6, as well as a few above the current Drum 1. A nice chromatic scale of bass drums to choose from would be optimum. I also find that the bass drums seem to have esentially the same volume overall, but anyone standing in front of a bassline knows that the big drums are a lot louder than the small drums. Hard to do without overdriving the output though. Perhaps more resonance on the bigger drums (keyswitch or modwheel?). Too bad there are only 128 volume settings to choose from. Drum Corps could use AT LEAST 256.

Roto-toms come in more than four sizes, and definitely more than 4 pitches. How about a nice quarter-tone scale from high to low. There are 128 keys on the MIDI keyboard afterall. Perhaps a chromatic scale with the quarter-tones keyswitched in.

Similarily, a wider range of pitches for Concert Toms.

Various sized cowbells, gok bloks, triangles, agogos, maracas, tambourines on the snareline, tenorline, and bassline list of sounds as well. Basically, anything that a writer might decide to have a drummer play on the field would be optimum. Keyswitch them in, or access through the modwheel.

A few more cymbal sounds attached to the keyboards. Often, keyboard players end up picking up hand cymbals. Suspended cymbals in various sizes available to the keyboards. Not all keyboards have the same size suspended cymbal attached, and often they have more than one. The ability to map them to different locatons on the staff, so they would need to be all on the MIDI range, not just keyswitched to a different pitch. All these cymbal sounds should be attached to all keyboards as well, including Xylophone and Bells. You could keyswitch for different sizes of hand cymbals. Also several basic toys on the keyboard ";rack";.

Speaking of cymbals, how about some larger ones in the CymbalLine. 22s and 24s are not unrealistic, and the ocassional corps goes for 30s for ocassional or fulltime effect (Conneticut Hurricanes as an example).

I'll probably think of a few more things later.

Warren Barnett
I knew there was something else that I was going to put in the previous post...

Drum major vocals. The list currently is really short. There are, after all, 128 keys on the MIDI keyboard.

Other vocals. How about some drum speak?

Warren Barnett
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