Suggestions for Future Versions of Virtual Drumline

To make it easier whenever the time may come, I've decided to add a sticky here for any suggestions for future updates/development of Virtual Drumline.

Currently on the wishlist:

Coming soon...

Coming Soon...
After what I am going through now, I would like to see an Installation Wizard that manages all of the variables of the system...Kontakt, VDL, and Sibelius to insure that the system works.  It should feel like you are installing 1 product instead of 3 or 4 and then juggling settings and locations for each in the hopes that it all works out.
I don't see the need for gong and bass drum combo. In Finale 2012, its volume is way too low, even after I adjust the MIDI velocities. I noticed when I use layers and put the concert bass drum and gong in separate layers, the volumes are way better.

Also, could you please add synthesizer sounds? The piano sound that currently comes with VDL is nice, but a lot of marching band and indoor drumlines use different synth sounds. I think a good sound would be sampled voices that sound like ";strings."; I don't know how else to explain it, but I have heard it in many marching compositions and they sound great. I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on other products just so I could have a couple synth sounds, so if VDL could expand on their piano/synth sounds, I think it would be very beneficial.

I use the combo all of the time (admittedly in Sibelius). It is a great feature.

There are many synth sounds built into Sibelius. Check out the options when selecting the ";Keyboard"; family of instruments (pads and leads). These play back through Essentials or Sibelius Player, not VDL.
I use Finale. We have synth sounds too but I was thinking of higher quality ones.
Also, a China on top of a timpani sound.
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