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Last week, everything worked fine. I don't remember changing anything out-of-the-ordinary.

Today, when I enter a RH snare hit (G#) it comes out as a gawk shot. If I want RH/LH snare hits, I have to hit G Natural and A Natural.

If I want shots on the 10"; tenor drum, I have to hit the C Natural and C# keys.

I've checked my transposition functions, and everything seems to be as it should be. It's as if I have to transpose up a half-step/whole-step to get the right sounds.

Like Michael Bolton, I'm sure I've screwed up some mundane detail that's caused this. I appreciate any help that someone can provide.

Matt Little

Windows XP Service Pack Two
Dell Latitude 630
T7250 @ 2.00 GHz
777 MHz, 1.00 GB of RAM
VDL 2.5 with Sibelius 5.2
By the way, that was it. I just had to reset my MIDI Keyboard to factory settings. Simple fix.

Thank you!

Check here...I had the same problem a few weeks ago
Hi Matt -

Here are the first two things I'd try:

1) Quit Sibelius and reboot your machine.

2) Reset your MIDI keyboard to its factory settings. It may have somehow been accidentally pitch shifted, causing everything to be off by a half-step. The manufacturer should have documentation on how to re-set it to the factory settings.
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