Setting up VDL with Sibelius 6 I just installed Sibelius 6 (I upgraded from Sibelius 4).  I have a MacBook Pro.  I cannot seem to find a way to get VDL 5.2.5 to show up as a sound set in my Playback Devices menu.  I created a Sounds folder in my Sibelius 6 folder...and I can't get it to show up.  All it gives me is the VDL 2.5.  Any suggestions???
Did you restart Sibelius after you installed the sound set file?
Indeed, restarting Sibelius should allow any new sound sets to appear.

Just in case you've done that already though, when you created the ";Sounds"; folder, be sure to double-check that you put it in the exact location outlined in the ReadMe file that came with the template.
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