Tuning in Sibelius 6

How do I adjust the VDL drum tuning in Sibelius 6?
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If you're using the full version of VDL 2.5, you do this by opening up Kontakt Player 2, and adjusting the tuning dial on the instrument you wish to adjust. Keep in mind, this will alter the tuning across the [i]entire[/i] instrument. For example, you won't have individual control over each bass drum or tenor drum.

If you do this, keep in mind that if instruments you've adjusted end up auto-reloading (due to adding, changing current instrument assignments in your score), you may have to re-open the player and adjust this. If that turns into a hassle, you can look into not using the [i]Auto[/i] setting in the mixer for the instruments you've applied customized tunings to.

If you're using some of the few VDL sounds that come bundled with Sibelius 6 (Essentials library), I'm not sure you'll have the control to alter tuning like this.
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