missing samples

I recently bought a new iMac and have been re-installing all my Kontakt Player libraries.  Garritan stuff and Sample Modelling stuff are ok, but Virtual Drumline 2.5, although it shows up in Kontakt 2 Player, gives me a ";Samples Missing"; window every time I try to load an instrument.  I installed from my original DVD, and downloaded the 2.51 update, and also the Leopard patch to update the installer.  Seemed to install OK, but any attempt to load an instrument gives me the ";Samples Missing"; window.  Any suggestions on what I've done wrong or left out?
Problem solved -  I hadn't realized it was necessary to drag all the .nkx files manually into my Virtual Drumline folder.
Thanks for letting us know you solved the problem! It's not always immediately obvious, but now that you're on track you should be good to go. :)
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