Percussion Stickings in Sibelius 6

This was answered in another post, but I figured I'd put it here for people to see, since many of us probably use the percussion stickings style--rather than lyrics--for our stickings.

NOTE: Magnetic Layout must be on for this have any effect

1) Layout > Magnetic Layout Options
2) Select ";Misc. Text";
3) Change the number in the number in the left drop down box from 9 to 7

This will group it with lyrics and the percussion stickings style should now take priority over expression text. I'm not how this will affect other text styles, since ";Misc. Text"; probably includes a pretty large collection of text styles. So, if other text styles start to look weird, this would be why.

If things start looking weird, you have the option in there to reset to the default values.
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