Threaded pipe through break drum

Hey everyone,

This is Mike Wimberly. I was just wondering if anyone knew how to write a threaded pipe through a break drum part. I'm not even sure if VDL can do that but was just curious. Hopefully you can answer my question Jim. I was the guy at PASIC that sat at your booth for hours asking you and Murray all of those questions. Hope you don't mind another. Thank you for your help.

Mike Wimberly
Sorry bud, think you might be out of luck on that one. I looked through the library and didn't see any MW functions for a brake drum. Merely just a hitting sound on two sized brake drums.


I am NOT an expert here.
For the most part you're out of luck. However, there is one sound in the Acme Siren whistle (found in Effects > Whistles > Acme Siren) that sounds vaguely similar to what you're talking about. It's the short whistle sound entered with E4 on the keyboard. It has the same metallic, ascending effect that the brake drum does - you just get a little extra noise from the whistle's mechanism.

I think that's about the closest you'll get at this point.
Thank you for the reply Brian.

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