Cavalier Clackers

Hello All,

I am using VDL 2.5 and was wondering if anyone knew the sound Jim used for the clackers in VDL? I am working on a show that is using something similar, but am unable to find anything that sounds like what he used. Any help would be great, thanks.

And by clackers you mean...? The things on the side of the snare shells last year? XL Specialty Percussion fabricated those for Cavaliers 2003, Bluecoats one year, and Cavaliers last year.
Thanks for the reply, I may have been un-clear and for that I apologize. I knew the Xl made the actual piece, but i was wondering if you knew the sound with in the VDL program itself he used? The actual sound font. Does that make more sense? Once again thanks for the reply.

Unless he went in and customized the map specifically for this past year's, the snare instrument doesn't include that specific sound.

You could try using either the Rim sound or the Snare's Off Rim Knock sound. Another option would be to use something like the Jam Block instrument by writing what you want to hear on that staff, hide that staff, then notate the music as you want it in the snare part, perhaps writing it on the D line with a notehead that is not associated with any sounds e.g. 0, 6, 40, etc. That is, if you are using Sibelius.  If you're using Finale, I'm sure someone will be able to tell you how to accomplish that if you're not already knowledgeable of how to do it.

Sometimes it's just about using a few tricks here and there to get the desired results... smoke and mirrors.

Hope this helps.
Thanks those are some great suggestions. I will try those and let you know how it turns out.

I can't remember exactly, but I think I used the ";sticks on side of shell"; sound. Certainly wasn't an accurate rendition, but enough to get me by until hearing the real thing.

Thanks Jim, I think that's what I ended up using as well. Not the exact sound, but close enough to be useful. Thanks again.
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