Rolls arent playing back

Hey guys! Recently I just bought the new mac book pro and reinstalled everything. I go to work on a song that I had been writing and none of the cymbal rolls are working, or the snare buzz rolls. I figured it must've been the mac book but when i went back to my old computer it stopped working as well. But when i opened an old saved one that i had not transferred over to the mac book yet, those still worked. Anyone know why?
The notation program you are using might be useful information...
Sorry, Sibelius 5.2.
Make sure you're using the correct sound set in Playback Devices.
i assume i am because theres only a virtual drumline soundset, but i remmeber that on my pc there was also a tapspace virtual drumline soundset i believe? Is this the problem?
Not necessarily. Sounds like you may not be using the right sound set. I'd recommend refreshing yourself on the VDL/Sibelius template tutorials. Pay particular attention to the part about installing the sound set file.

[b]Sibelius 5.2 template:[/b]

[b]Sibelius 5.2.5 template:[/b]
Thank you! It was because of soundset, I totally ignored that part. Shame on me :[ But thanks alot!
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