Failed Installation with MacBook Pro

Hey guys. I just got a new MacBook and have been unable thus far to install VDL 2.5. After inserting the disc and selecting steps for installation, it acts as though it is about to install, with the screen that says ";Items to install: 441,"; and then it just disappears with nothing installed. Any ideas? Thanks!

Well, for starters, the 5.2 Template is not designed to be used with VDL2. You need to upgrade to VDL 2.5 to use any of the 5.x Templates.
Oh sorry I was mistaken. I do have VDL 2.5.
Which version of Sibelius 5? There are many updates.

5, 5.1, 5.2, 5.2.5?
Also, is it the 5.2 or the 5.2.5 Template?

The more specific you are, the more help you'll receive.
Thanks. It is Sibelius 5.2.0 with the Sib 5.2.0 Template. Sorry about the lack of clarity!
If you're using the 5.2 template, you should be using Sibelius version 5.2 instead of version 5.

If the update to version 5.2 isn't available (since it's older than their more current 5.2.5 version), you may need to update Sibelius to version 5.2.5 (free on the Sibelius website). If that's the case, it's advisable to also be using the 5.2.5 Sibelius VDL template available for $10 on the Tapspace website at the link below.

If you're not sure why the template is important, click the ";Tutorials"; link at the top of the 5.2.5 template page here:
i had the same problem, try going into the mixer setting on the bass drum, and try transposing the bass drums up about 22 steps. 
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