Something a little different...

Alex Han on Alto Sax...

All I gotta say is if you don't nod your head a little bit to this stuff, you ain't got no soul. That stuff at 1:19 is just nasty. It almost hurts (in a good way) to see people play with that much passion.

If you're stuck in Marching Band Land--like I am right now--this will be a nice little chance to refresh your ears.

Another one...
Not sure what's cooler in that one, the playing or the lighting :-)
Alex Han = awesomeness.
MAN - time for me to do some research!  I have not heard of him before but that first clip is ridiculous!
Who's the drummer? Terri Lyne Carrington? Just a guess.

Alex looks like he could school me on sax then school me in the library.
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