Tumbleweeds and the sounds of wind...

This place has felt like a ghost town lately :-)

I guess that means we're all trouble-free or enjoying time away. Hope you're all having a great summer, or winter if you're in the southern hemisphere.
Or writing our tails off! I check the forum once a day, but don't usually do anything with it.
Two words: DCI tour
Note that by trouble-free I meant not having substantial problems with VDL. I'm also definitely deep in the underbelly of Marching Band Central.
[generic comment about how busy I am]
I haven't seen or heard a thing, outside of these vids, but it looks like one of those rare summers when SCV might have superior chops to BD.


They're on like a 5-year cycle.
[quote author=Marsha N. Mambo link=topic=3162.msg16775#msg16775 date=1246130620]
Then again...


dang.... that bass run in the beginning. Makes me shed tears of happiness
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