"New in VDL 2.5" Sounds not Working in Sibelius 4

Hi everyone,

I've used VDL 2.0 with Sibelius 4.1 for a few years on a different computer with no problems (it's been awesome).  I recently bought a new laptop, installed VDL 2.0 and Sibelius 4, then upgraded to VDL 2.5.  I noticed that the Snareline Manual and Manual Lite in VDL 2.5 have three new instruments per the User Guide (Ribbon Crasher, Cowbell Mouth, Cowbell w/tip).  The book I'm writing calls for a Ribbon Crasher on the snare, but I'm having problems with these three sounds that are ";new in 2.5";. 

[b]My setup:[/b]
  - HP HDX18t laptop, Vista32, 3GB ram, factory soundcard
  - Sibelius 4.1
  - Korg NanoKey to enter notes
  - VDL 2.5 (not 2.51), Kontakt Player 2 (KP2) - using in stand-alone mode
  - VDL 2 Sibelius Template

[b]Here's the problem I'm running into:[/b]
I load Snareline Manual in KP2... I click the virtual keyboard with my mouse and hear the Ribbon Crasher sound... but when I switch to Sibelius and press the corresponding key on the NanoKey to enter the note, I don't hear the ribbon crasher sound (the note does appear -- as an ";x";) .  If I move back with my left arrow key, the sound plays back in Sibelius as a click.  It also plays back using the regular Playback toolbar as a click.  The two cowbell sounds also give the same problem, but the noteheads look different.  It's just strange that everything sounds correct in KP2, but not in Sibelius.

I've checked to make sure that the Midi Channels for each instrument in KP2 and Sibelius match.    [i]The theme here is that I'm only having this problem with the VDL 2.5 sounds. [/i]

Hope someone out there can point me in the right direction -- peace,
Hi Craig,

Thanks for the detailed account. If memory serves, I think those ";new in VDL 2.5"; sounds (i.e. cowbell/ribbon crasher) on the snareline weren't mapped into the Sibelius 4 templates. Since it's been a couple years since Sibelius 5 came on the scene, my memory is hazy.

The good news is that nothing is broken. What it means, simply, is that since those newly mapped sounds aren't available in the staff type (the one you assigned using the Sibelius 4 template) they aren't behaving when you're within the Sibelius domain. Really, the quickest fix would be to add these mappings to the snareline stafftype you're using within Sibelius 4. Once that's been assigned, it should behave as expected. If this is something you haven't done before, look into editing unpitched percussion staff types in Sibelius 4.

Things work differently than this in Sibelius 5+, and the VDL template development has largely been focused on more recent versions which is one reason the v4 template may seem a little old (because it is :)).
Big thanks, Jim!  You just made my life a lot less frustrating. 

Yeah, I'm definitely behind the times by still using Sibelius 4 :)... will upgrade in the future, but it was too costly in addition to the new laptop I just bought. 

I [b]really [/b] appreciate your quick and accurate support.  Worked perfectly!

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