Setting Finale to host Kontakt Player 2 as a plug in

Hello, I have installed VDL 2.5 and the Kontakt player on my computer. I am running an iBook G4 and Finale Allegro 2007. When I try to go to the MIDI menu on the Finale 2007 VDL template (downloaded at, and select ";Play Finale through Native Instruments AU";, there is nothing like that as an option. Similarly, when I try to set up the channels (1-16) with Kontakt Player 2, that's not an option. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Finale Allegro is not capable of hosting plug ins such as the KP2. You will need to run VDL in stand alone mode. Using the forum search tool will provide more answers on the process.
Ted is right. Allegro will give you more limited control than the full version of Finale. As he mentioned, there are some ways to finagle Allegro into working with VDL, but it's not something we officially recommend.
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