Sibelius 6 template

I was wondering if anyone knows if a new template for Sibelius 6 is being worked on or not.  I have ran into a few more bass drum items that do not play.  I did the unison buzz roll, and it doesn't play back.  Similar to the unison LH not playing back.

I know this a lot of hard work to put the template together, but I would be more than willing to give any help that is necessary for creating a Sib 6 template, or a Finale 2010 template (if even possible).

- Robby
When I input chime notes in the Sib 6 template, it shows them out of range.  What must I do to get them to playback and be within range?

- Robby
Are you sure you're using the right instrument?

-VDL Template 6.0 -> Chimes, Crot., Glock -> [insert your favorite chimes instrument other than rakes]?

On the Low Extension there are notes out of range in the normal Chimes range, but that's because those pitches aren't included in that instrument.
Indeed. It's worth double-checking to make sure you didn't accidentally assign one of the stock Sibelius chimes instruments rather than one of the chimes specific to the VDL Template family of instruments.
Yeah, I screwed up.  I have never selected the LoXtnsion before, but for some reason I had this time.  Not sure what happened.

What is supposed to be the difference between the regular chimes and the LoXtnsion one?

- Robby

P.S. - Thanks for the rapid response.
Click on this link, and you'll see the Adams Low Extension that we used for VDL.

Using the low extension, you can go down to F (rather than middle C).
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