Sibelius: Creating a "New Score" with Template manuscript paper

[b]How can I open a New Score and have the VDL Template as one of my manuscript paper choices?[/b]

Easily done. Just follow the steps below using the Template as your export file (taken from the Sibelius Reference (v6)).

[size=12pt][b]Creating your own manuscript paper[/b][/size]

If you often need to set up unusual groups of instruments and/or options, you can create your own manuscript paper to save you time starting new scores. Like real manuscript paper, you can choose different paper sizes, shapes and staff sizes, and have the manuscript paper pre-printed with particular instruments. However, you can also include more sophisticated settings, such as those in the House Style menu. This means you can get a consistent appearance without having to set up all the options each time.

[li]Create a score with all the settings you want to be included in the manuscript paper – e.g. page size/shape, staff size, instruments, Engraving Rules options, text styles, music font, noteheads[/li]
[li]Save it anywhere you like, using whatever name you want to call the manuscript paper (the name of the file will be the same as what shows up in the New Score dialog)[/li]
[li]Then choose [b]File > Export > Manuscript Paper[/b][/li]
[li]You can then delete the original file you saved if you like – it will still remain as manuscript paper[/li]
[li]Next time you start a new score, your new manuscript paper will appear in the Manuscript Paper list.[/li]

If you want to create a new manuscript paper to match an existing score (e.g. if you’ve set up special text styles etc.), export the house style from that score, create a new score, import the house style you exported, and then export as manuscript paper.

If you ever want to rename or delete manuscript paper, you will find the manuscript paper files in a folder called [b]Manuscript paper[/b] within Sibelius's application data folder.

The steps are the same for Sib 5.x.
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Just wanted to say thanks to Hugh for posting this, even though it is a relatively old topic.  Saves a lot of time up front and in the post-writing phase.
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