VDL 2 and Finale 2008

I'm using VDL2 with finale 08, and am kinda stumped...I'm fairly new to VDL and am having some trouble with mapping. I've downloaded the VDL templates and the sounds are coming through, however they are all over the place. Also, how do you get the sound libraries to go in the right place when using them in a full band score?? These may be silly questions, but i'm getting a little frustrated b/c ive had the program for a while but never been able to use it...


Aaron Savage
What's up Tito? I'm a Sibelius user, so won't be able to offer whole lot of advice.

However, as far as the notes being all over the place, make sure that you're assigning the appropriate staff styles to the staves.

If you're wanting to combine a wind score with a percussion score, it's generally best to create the appropriate staves and measures using the Finale template, then copy your music into that file. That way you'll have all of the VDL mappings included in the file.

Hope all is well in Tifton.
This happened to me last week and this post helped me. There is a simple mistake in the template. After you do this one time make sure you save it so you will not have to do it over and over.  Here is the link......

What up brian!? Been a long time! Everything is going good here man, just got married last month so i'm all grown up i guess, how everything in your neck of the woods?

In regard to the original question, are you entering notes with a MIDI keyboard as your input device?

No i'm just using finale on its own. I've got everything in the right place now, it's just a little time consuming putting the notes in manually...but i'm guessing thats the way it goes unless you use a keyboard ?? I've downloaded a virtual midi kepboard but can't seem to figure out how to use it with the speedy entry tool...  BUT i'm sure you have all the answers!! :-)

Aaron Savage
Here is a brief tutorial that forum member Scott Hirsch (Coach) put together some time ago. This will at least get you going:


That doesn't answer the question about entry, but gives you a starting point. Which virtual midi keyboard are you using?
i forget, i found the link for it somewhere on the forum. Hey, how do you get the mallet stuff and timpani to do rolls? and how about mallet changes for tenor/bass?? I know you said use dont use finale but I just thought i would ask! Thanks dude! Hows the business going??
The rolls on timpani and marimba are controlled by the mod wheel (midi CC1). This is a little bit I shared years ago, but you can apply it in much the same way to the appropriate midi values that you can find in your VDL manual. Just substitute an appropriate values for rolls (127 would work), and some more relevant text (e.g. ";Roll";).


Here is a great explanation of how to do keyswitching in Finale:


I found both of those pretty quickly using the search tool, so make sure you use that next time you have a question. Chances are, if you have a problem, some else has experienced the same difficulties, and received a relatively helpful/thorough solution.

Also, do a little review of punctuation and capitalization--here at the Tapspace forum, we like proper grammar. ;)

Business is good.
yea i figured, i just figured i'd ask you since ur my buddy and all... :-)

do you guys take any outside show ideas or anything??


p.s. sorry about the lack of punctuation, i prefer speed on these sorts of things...i'm not writing an essay here!  ;-)
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