Sibelius: Suspended Roll Lengths

You can thank Murray Gusseck for these nuggets of wisdom, as he made aware of this feature some time ago.

NOTE: These only apply to Sibelius. Perhaps one of the Finale gurus can chime in with the appropriate solution in said program.

It's pretty simple actually. See the attached picture for where to find it - this is in the Properties window. As far as numeric values go, each beat=256 (regardless of tempo) so, just do some fancy math and figure it out.

For best results:
1) Play cymbal sound first
2) Observe how early or late the peak is in comparison to your desired result
3a) If it peaks early, add a value to it  -- e.g. two beats early enter 512
3b) If it peaks late, subtract a value from it -- e.g. 1.5 beats late enter -384

This will eliminate the need to have all sorts of hidden layers and extra rhythms.  Because no one likes a suspended cymbal roll that peaks early.
[quote author=speaknspell link=topic=3176.msg22249#msg22249 date=1330791842]
does this apply to any roll?  like will this work with gongs and concert bass drums?

I'm having trouble when I try to enter the template versions where they won't play back or they'll enter on a different line (like way above the staff).  I try putting the hash marks above concert bass and gongs but it end up sounding like and angry robot and makes babies cry. 

anyways, I appreciate you all and the insight you give.


This should apply to anything in the score.
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