So, I'm looking for podcasts to listen to/watch while playing hamster and running on my treadmill. Any suggestions? The first one I started watching, simply because the name, was Ask Blackie - which definitely a bit on the offensive side, but some funny satire never-the-less.  I'm also now listening to Buzz Out Loud, the daily CNET podcast.

I'm a bit of a tech junkie, so recommendations along those lines would be swell, and I really hate working out to music sinec that doesn't really engage the brain to distract you from the fact that you're essentilly running while standing still :-)

Hope you're all having a great summer!
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I find trying to focus on spoken words makes me work much harder to do my exercise. I prefer music that is driven, music that will pump me up. Something about watching/listening to the news and exercising is strange to me.

One of my favorite radio shows (and/or podcasts) is This American Life, distributed on NPR/PRI and produced from WBZZ Chicago. It's an insightful radio magazine of sorts that presents an hour long show with a variety of stories that all share a common theme.

I forget who did a satire of This American Life, but they basically nailed the stereotype of the listener: White, middle class, 20-35 year olds. If you are one of these as I am, you will probably enjoy this show. ha.
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