LogMeIn.com is a God Send!

I've been trying to figure out some computer-to-computer remote access stuff and finally stumbled on this website. It's totally free, web-based and not complicated at all. Now I can ";turn"; my windows Dell Laptop into my home iMac. Wow! Totally stoked!
Looks good- I'll have my baby mama try to control a Mac @ home from her PeeCee laptop.

FYI- Macs have built-in ";screen sharing"; on a network.  I have one Mac that stores all music, photos, and videos but doesn't even have a monitor, keyboard, or mouse connected.  It's controlled by logging on with another mac in the house.
If you're on a LAN (internal network), screensharing via a VNC client also works well. I like [url=http://www.jinx.de/JollysFastVNC.html]JollysFastVNC[/url] and use it many times daily. VNC control is built into all Macs (not just Leopard like the iChat screensharing thing), so it's a good way to have access to multiple machines regardless of their OS version.
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