Finale: Regular timpani and Glissandi on same staff

Ok new question... How do you use the regular timpani patch and the glissando on the same staff at the same time???
This topic was split so future searches would provide relevant results.

As far as the question goes, are you worried about presentation/notation?

Isn't it possible to write what you want to hear in a hidden layer and notate it properly in the displaying layer. I'm presuming that is the nature of your question. Perhaps a Finale guru can chime in with a better answer.
Perfect notation isn't a necessity, however, it would be nice if there is any method to do so.

From the Finale website Knowledge Base (Tutorial #6, I believe):

";An Instrument can also be used for just one layer of a staff. If you wrote a flute and a clarinet part both on a single staff, but in different layers, each one could have its own Instrument, and thus have its own MIDI channel and patch assignment.";

You would have to make the assignment in the Instrument list from the drop down menus within the Staff column. 
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