Rim sound playback

I'm using VDL 2.5 in Sibelius 6 with the most recent template. Although the updated versions are so much more elegant and streamlined, I'm running into a few glitches I didn't have when using VDL2 with Sibelius 4.  For some reason, if I write a rim note in a snare drum part the rest of the playback for that part will default to rim sounds, even if they are notated as regular noteheads (and were playing back normally before).  In addition, I've been having some trouble with bass playback- the VDL2 Bassline won't play unisons (I've been using the VDL1 bassline, which does play them.)  Thanks for your help and for all you guys do for percussion.
As ar as the rim stuff goes, did you write ";rims"; or ";rim"; in the music? Try it without that text and the playback should go back to normal. That has to do with how some of the defitions are defined in the Dictionary (as per Play > Dictionary).

The 6.0 template is currently being developed and all of those issues will be fixed. For the time being, check out this post:

Yeah, I'd go with what Bryan said about the rims. If you still need to put some text for the players, try something like ";on rims";. The key here is to not use staff text that has something correlatively defined in the Dictionary.
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