Bell Tree duration/speed

Anyone know how to alter the duration/speed of the bell tree samples? I am trying to make a faster ";slide"; ...

any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
Listen faster :-)

But seriously though, instead of using the pre-recorded glisses, just use the individual bell samples. Check out the attacked sample for a demo. Notationally, you could write this, hide it, then write what you want notationally and disable playback on the notation layer/voice.

Are you using Sibelius or Finale, or something else?
I am using Sibelius 5.2.5
Ok, then it'll be really easy. Also, are you using a MIDI keyboard to enter notes? It'll be a bit easier that way.

Anyhow, just enter the sounds at the rhythms then hide them in voice 2. Use voice 1 to notate it, unless you're doing this purely for the sake of making a recording, in which case ignore this post altogether :-)
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