VDL 2 sounds interferring with Flute channel in Finale 08

For some reason the BD and tam tam patch is interferring with the channel the flute plays back on so the flute sound doesn't playback. I've heard a few others I know say they've had similar problem with other VDL sounds taking away the flute sound. Any ideas?

Aaron Savage
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Most likely this doesn't have anything to do with VDL versus flute, but rather, the channel settings as they relate to your hosted VST plugins in Finale.

If you have more than one instance of Kontakt Player loaded, keep in mind that the first bank will be numbered (in Finale) as channels 1-16. The second instance is numbered 17-32. However, in each instance of KP2, it only thinks in terms of 1-16. So in the second instance, channel 2 in KP2 would be the equivalent to channel 18 as far as Finale is concerned.

It's easy to get your channels mixed up, so a little reconnaissance in the Instrument List window and in your various channel settings in hosted instances of KP2 should help you zero in on the problem.
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