VDL1, Finale 2009, Kontakt 3

I have Finale 2009, VDL1, and Kontakt 3 and im running Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 with 4 GB of RAM.  How in the world do I get VDL to work in Finale 2009?  I understand the concept of the VST plugins and whatnot, but I dont know how to load the sf2s in Kontakt properly and configure the midi channels.  Any help?  Thanks.
Check your Finale documentation on loading VSTs. It should be in there somewhere. You should have a VST or FinaleVST folder in the Finale directory where you should put a copy of the Kontakt3.dll file. I forget where exactly that can be found, but a quick search of your computer should render it's location.

As far as the sound font goes, you really just have to find it in the explorer browser panel (on the left) and double-click on it in the lower part to batch convert the sounds. At that point you just need to assign the channel that corresponds with the appropriate one in Finale.
there are only limited sounds in finale... like one snare sound and two buzz sounds....  when loaded the sf2 i kontakt, i saw that there were both instruments (SCV Snares, Tenors etc.) along with hundreds of little sound files separate from the instruments... do i need to import the little sounds too?  if so, how?
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