Lov'in the Addition of Multi-Track to My Finale Set-up


I just have to share this positive experience. Historically, I use Finale (2004-2008) software and have used it with VDL going on my 3rd year. I am a Windows user and have gotten frustrated lately because I am writing for the largest marching percussion program ever (ever for me) and I have increasing playback issues even with a large amount of RAM on my PC.

Going back over a year, I had read the section in ";Hints and Tutorials"; about multi-track software ([url=https://www.tapspace.com/support/tutorials/jessem_vdl2_tutorial/index.html]https://www.tapspace.com/support/tutorials/jessem_vdl2_tutorial/index.html[/url] and though I ";tinkered"; with it and had some modest success, I did not fully appreciate just how powerful it could be to save my Finale file as MIDI and then harness the MIDI with multitrack playback.

I became ";fed up"; with trying to playback 10 separate melodic percussion tracks, 4 multi-percussion and a full battery. In my case, I chose Sonar (7) Home Studio because I read some good things about it being ";user friendly"; (which is essential for me - I have limited time for a learning curve).

After saving my Finale file as MIDI (separate tracks), I merely opened the MIDI file (as a file) in Sonar, inserted a Kontakt Player (VDL 2.5) opened the ";multi"; I had saved in VDL 2.5 and then pressed ";play"; - it sounds GREAT. After a bit more reading, I ";bounced to track"; the MIDI and made an audio file which I was then able to save as a WAVE (the MP3 plug-in does not ship with Sonar) and I just converted the WAVE to MP3 with another utility.

The whole process (not including installation of Sonar - which took about 15 minutes) took me 25 minutes (MAYBE).

THANK YOU Jesse Mattson for posting this! [url=https://www.tapspace.com/support/tutorials/jessem_vdl2_tutorial/index.html]https://www.tapspace.com/support/tutorials/jessem_vdl2_tutorial/index.html[/url]

I need to refine my use of this now - but I am off to a good start.


P. S. I know many of you may already have this mastered - I didn't, so I am very motivated about the result.
You're welcome.  :)
Thanks for sharing your positive experience David. It's always motivating when you have those 'ah-ha' moments!
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