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I just recently purchased a new macbook pro and am now in the process of putting all of my applications onto my new computer.

I previously purchased the upgrade version of Virtual Drumline 2.5 and upgraded my VDL:2, will i have to first install VDL:2 then the 2.5 upgrade, or will the 2.5 disc be sufficient? The same goes for my Sibelius 5. I have the upgrade from Sibelius 4 disc.

Also if anyone knows any better/faster way of going through this switch could you inform me?

Thanks a bunch,

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You should be fine just using your Sibelius 5 disk. Same goes for VDL 2.5. No need to re-install your older versions. Once you're all up-and-running, it's recommended to update to all the latest maintenance releases.

Don't forget, there's a Leopard installer that you'll need to fully install VDL. It's available [url=]here[/url].
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