Snare Accents Not Playing Back in Finale 2008

I am using Finale 2008 and VDL 2.5. For some reason, in the current file I am working on, the Snare Accents aren't playing back. The odd thing is that the Tenor and Bass accents are playing back. I have used the Finale VDL 2008 template dozens of times and not had this problem. Does anybody have any thoughts one what I can look for and/or settings to troubleshoot this issue?


David - Its hard to disect from the info you have provided .... one thing comes to mind, have you added any HP customization or used the midi tool to customize any passages on the snareline staff?  I'm thinking you might try clearing all the midi settings from the snare staff and see if that helps, as a first step.


I ever had this problem too.

So, You just go ahead to make your music. It's will be playing back.

I think its a BUG. OK just try it.

HimZ ;p
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