Another Virtual MIDI Cable

I know that in our world, the virtual midi cable has essentially gone the way of the Dodo, for most.  Anyhow, since Maple is essentially no longer in existence, and MIDI Yoke doesn't come in Vista/Windows 7 flavors, you might want to give [b]LoopBe1[/b] a look.
Hi folks, has anyone had any joy using the LoopBe midi cable in windows 7? unlinke MIDI Yoke you don't have the option to select different input/output devices in sibelius so you get a very starange layered sound when playing back. I have tried using the Midi Yoke virtual cable but it seems to do the same?

Ta very muchly!
Replying to my own posts, how sad am I! lol

Think I may have sorted the problem with the distorted sound, when the Virtual LoopBe midi cable was installed it set the latency to 10ms which I read somewhere was an automtic adjustment LoopBe makes, because it can handle low latency settings. However this was far too low for my poor little laptops sound card to handle. So after resetting it to 40ms the problem seems to have been solved.
Also in Sibelius there is no need to highlight a seperate input device if your not using another midi key board/input device as I was questioning above, LoopBe can handle this.

So if your using Windows7 and your virtual midi cable is not functioning, use the loopbe one and look out for how it adjusts your latency settings on the Kontakt Player. Go to file > Setup and on the bottom of the sound card tab you can adjust the latency via the slider bar.

Hope thats helpful to someone in the future

Tom Pat

Thanks for the follow up!  I'm sure this will be helpful for someone at some point.
Thanks Bryan!
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