Suspended Cym Roll Playback Incorrect

I've been searching throughout the forum, and have been unable to find an answer to my specific problem. Maybe someone can help.

I'm working in Sibelius 6, and I'm not getting the suspended cymbal (18"; Constantinople) to play all of its sounds back correctly. I've pinpointed the problem notes to rolls that end with a natural release. All rolls that end muted work fine. Several other cymbal sounds (hits) are also not working right. The sound I want is the short, loud cresc. roll (notehead 0). I checked the mapping in ";Edit Instruments"; and the mapping is correct and it shows that it will play the right sound, but it's clearly not. The cymbal roll in Rack Combo B is working just fine. All other sounds in the score are working fine. I've had this problem briefly before, but quitting Sibelius and restarting has seemed to work in the past. Not so this time. Does anyone have any ideas? Is it a problem in the template, since I'm using Sib 6 with the VDL5.2.5 template?
I should add that the sound I'm getting seems to be a soft version of the long, loud cresc. cymbal roll, when I want the short, loud cresc. roll.
How are you entering them? MIDI Keyboard? Computer keyboard? Are they on the correct space?
I've entered the notes via both MIDI keyboard (C4 for short, loud cresc.) and computer keyboard. I placed the note on the E space at the top of the treble clef. I tried noteheads 0, 31, and 32, and they all play back the same long crescendo. If I move the note down to the C space on the treble clef, it plays back as it should, short, med, and long crescendos with muted releases. If I move the note further down to the A space, it plays as it did on the C space. Does that make sense?
Are you sure you're using the 5.2.5 sound set and not the 5.2 sound set? When I switch to the 5.2 sound set, some of the sounds aren't playing back correctly.
This problem has been resolved with the new Sibelius 6.0 Template. I never did figure out what was wrong, but I've got everything working now. Thanks for your efforts, Bryan!
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