customizing instruments in Sibelius 6

After a lot of frustration, I've gotten my new computer, Sibelius 6 and VDL 2.5 to get along reasonably well. The biggest problem I'm having is with getting the sounds I want. I write in Scottish notation, which means in Sibelius 5 I just went into ";Edit Instruments"; for ";SnareLine Manual";, chose ";Edit Staff Type";, and selected the number 0 notehead on the ";A"; space. This defaults to Snares Off LH hit. To get the playback I want, I just swapped this out with Snares On LH hit. This worked fine in Sibelius 5.

In Sibelius 6, I follow the same steps, but whenever I exit the ";Edit Staff Type"; dialog box, it changes the sound I've chosen, ";LH Hits"; to ";RH Hits";. No matter how many times I change the sound, Sibelius 6 always changes it back to ";RH Hits";.  The most frustrating part is that it only seems to happen with this notehead and this sound. If I try to change this notehead to any sound other than ";LH Hits";, it keeps my changes as they are. Similarly, if I change a different notehead to ";LH Hits";, it will also keep that change. And I've noticed that the same issue exists with the SnareLine Manual LITE instrument as well. Only that notehead and only that sound.

I am running Sibelius 6 on Vista, with VDL 2.5 using the 5.2 template.
Are you in fact hearing the different sounds or is it just saying that the sounds are different? I'm sure he might have a better explanation, but Hugh (chznvrt) - the person who develops the Sibelius templates now - said that the sound label there might not actually be what is produced. This is an issue with the Sibelius SoundWorld stuff, not specific to the template.

Make sure you verify that you're getting the wrong sounds by comparing the audible results.

Also, you can just edit your existing posts by clicking the little notepad out to the right, instead of posting immediate follow-up posts.
It is definitely the wrong sound...both sounds play back as RH hits.
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