Can someone explain this to me?  I see a lot of topics about it, but trying to figure out what it is.

Thanks in advance.

Once again, many of the references/documentation that come with VDL, your notation software give adequate explanations about this stuff. I found that top link from Sweetwater simply by typing ";Mod Wheel"; into Google.

It's good that you're curious, but try to do a little research on your own first. I know people who have been using VDL since it was created and have never posted on the forum because they were able to find what they were looking for by using the [url=][b]Search[/b][/url] feature on this site.
    Thanks for the note.  Just to let you know, I have been researching...on didn't occur to me to check else where(like google) since all the answers are here.  Thank you for briging it to my attention.  It's just that everyone says if you have any questions, ASK!...keep asking questions...the guys are great and they will answer all your questions.  So that is what I have been doing.  I am not tech savvy like most people here and this is a learning process for me with a BIG learning curve.  I am reading, and there is a lot to read and I'm learning a lot, and only after I think I have exhausted my resources or just can't seem to find the answer...I ask here.  Isn't this what it is for?
    Anyway, I will do my best to only ask questions after I have done everything on my own to find the answer.  I think this is an amazing website with tons of information...I've only had VDL2.5 and Sibelius 6 for about 5 days and I have learned more than I thought I could and I just got the Oxygen 8 midi controller.  I love the program and this website is very helpful, especially for people ike me.  Keep up the good work, you guys are awesome!

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