Problem getting Sibelius 6 to recognize VDL2

I've searched the FAQ's and used the search engine, and I can't find a post that pertains to this.  I have purchased Sibelius 6 (Educator Version) and Virtual Drumline 2.0.  I'm running on the following system:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4400+
3.5 Megs of Ram
Windows Vista 32-bit

My issue is this:  I can't get Sibelius 6 to utilize the Virtual Drumline sounds during playback.  I started by accessing the Configuration Options under Playback Options.  I clicked ";New"; and made a new setup titled ";Virtual Drumline";, and had it find the Tapspace Virtual Drumline 2 folder in Audio Engine Options.  Then, after a restart, selected VDL2 from the active devices menu.  I set the sound set to (None) and then opened up the Kontakt Player inside Sibelius and selected the sounds I desired.  After not hearing any sounds, I went to the manual sound sets, and after selecting VDL2 I set the sound set to (None) and clicked the ";Use Manual Sound Set"; button, selected 8 channels and entered in the name for each instrument that was assigned to each respective channel (Note:  I used this same process for Midi Yoke:1, which is also active).

I can't even get Sibelius to recognize that the percussion parts are there in the audio mixer.  It recognizes the keyboard and wind parts during playback, but will only use the Sibelius Essentials sounds for both (it won't use VDL2 for keyboard playback either).  I have attempted using the Kontakt Player inside Sibelius, as well as having VDL2 open independently during playback.  I have used Sibelius 4 for some time now, and have been able to make Sibelius 4 and VDL2 work without issue. 

I'm unsure if this is due to me not having a template to work from, or if I'm just missing something.  I've tried using the VDL2 Template from Sibelius 4 without success.  Sorry for the small book, but can anyone help me?
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Hi tambor21. Thanks for the detailed account.

The quick answer is this. Update to VDL 2.5. It utilizes the Kontakt Player 2 engine which is compatible with the Sibelius 6 Soundworld playback system. Fortunately, the VDL 2.5 upgrade is only $69 for registered VDL2 users. VDL2 within Sibelius 6 isn't going to work too well unless you get into the confusing process of routing your MIDI out via a virtual MIDI Cable into VDL2 in standalone mode, and also using manual sound sets. Probably not worth the hassle.

Once you have VDL 2.5, I'd recommend you use the Sibelius 6/VDL template which will become available very soon. You can also use the currently available 5.2.5 version, but since you're on v6 already it may be good to wait on that.

For a bunch of helpful guidelines on how to use the Tapspace VDL templates along with Sibelius soundworld, the [url=]5.2.5 tutorial videos[/url] should give you a good overview. Give yourself an hour or so to let the info sink in. Once you get the hang of it, it's quite slick.
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