NI Kontakt Player 3.5 Released

Hello All:

NI have now fully released Kontakt 3.5 and Kontakt Player 3.5 (for non Kontakt registered owners). The installation will not over write your current KP2 installation so it is relatively safe to try this install. The installer is available through the NI updates site.

The main enhancements with K3.5 or KP3.5 are mostly related to 64-bit capabilities however it is fully 32-bit compatible. There are reported improvements in DFD streaming and the KP3.5 player now looks and feels more like the full Kontakt version.

I have ran some simple tests with VDL and some Garritan libraries and seen no adverse effects hosted in Finale 2007, 2008 and 2009

Thanks Derek. Indeed this went 'live' recently, but we haven't been compelled to encourage people to start using it for VDL. Primarily because there are in fact some problems with how certain instruments in VDL 2.5 perform within the Kontakt 3 environment. This primarily has to do with default volume of certain instruments like marimbas, timpani, and drumset.

Once we can squeeze out a maintenance update for VDL, we should be able to remedy these cases. In the meantime, proceed with caution when using VDL instruments within Kontakt Player 3.5 or Kontakt 3.5.
Hi Jim,

The great thing about this update is that it does not overwrite KP2. KP2 is left fully intact and fully operational. I agree on the volume, I actually notice all instruments seem a bit quieter in KP3.5 and the Full Kontakt 3.5.

I use the full Kontakt 3 and adjusting the sound levels is quite easy! When you load a instrument, above the ";tapspace"; button, there's a image of a tool. Click it and find the area named ";amplifier";. I have it turned all the way up and sounds great in Sibelius 6.

Hope this helps to anyone using Kontakt 3.
There is a maintenance release coming soon that will address those issues, for both Kontakt 2 and 4. Thanks for reporting your findings though!
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