Sibelius Customer Support

I just had an awesome Sibelius customer support experience and wanted to share it.

Yesterday I finally succumbed to the siren call of Sibelius 6 and proceeded to order my upgrade.  Much to my dismay, the ship time for the upgrade was inexplicably 14-21 days, and that made using 6 for this season out of the question.

I posted a gripe about the shipping times to Twitter, and Sibelius senior product manager Daniel Spreadbury found the tweet and responded personally: At Daniel's request I sent him a proof of purchase, and he sent me a link to the full download of Sibelius 6.  Within one night I was up and running.

Say what you will about Twitter, but the type of proactive customer interaction it enables is pretty sweet. Also cheers to Sibelius and Daniel in particular for going the extra mile to make customers happy.
Wow, that's a strange way to get support.
[quote author=J Mattson link=topic=3232.msg17121#msg17121 date=1248797491]
Wow, that's a strange way to get support.

Haha well I never expected to get support--I was just griping to friends.  Either way it was a nice surprise.
Finale has the same sort of thing:

Really cool to see these companies taking that extra effort!
That's great! Thanks for sharing these Twitter links guys!!
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