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Hello all!

I have posted this question on the Finale boards and will re-post here and hopefully find an answer:


1. I have 2010, and have begun to put together some percussion scores, and am not having much luck with getting a rimshot sound for example from the VDL 'snareline' sound. Is there a limit to the number of sounds 'allowed' in the Lite version? Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to reload?

2. Why is the playback so boomy with no reverb adjustment that I can find through Human Playback or otherwise?


Are you using the full VDL 2.5 library, or the VDL for Finale sounds included with Finale 2010?


Sorry, just the Finale VDL sounds.

Hi Neil,

First you'll want to download the corrected Layouts and Maps:

Once you have done the steps in the article, choose the Simple Entry Tool and try to enter a note on the snare staff.  You'll notice that there will be a number of 'Note Names' that appear as you move your mouse over the staff.  When it reads 'Snare Section Rim Shots', enter a note.

If you use a MIDI keyboard, enter G5.

Next, to correct the reverb issue, try this:

1) Go to MIDI/Audio Menu -> Instrument Setup -> VST Instruments

2) Under 'Master FX' in bank 1, you should see a 'Garritan Ambiance' plugin loaded.  Click the pencil icon next to the dropdown menu

3) In the Garritan Ambiance Reverb window that opens, look in the lower right corner.  There will be two horizontal faders, one labeled 'Wet' and 'Dry'.  Turn the Dry fader to about 0-2dB. Turn the 'Wet' fader down (to the left) to about -20dB

While someone on here can certainly assist with Finale related questions, you might find it best to contact them directly (they answer tech support cases pretty quickly):

Click 'Submit a Support Case', log in, and ask away.
Wow, thanks!

Technology is fun!

I bought VDL 2.5 and installed it with the service center.  Everything seemed fine until I tried to move the KontaktPlayer2vst.dll to the finale vsts.  No .dll. I've looked everywhere and even did a computer search.  Nothing.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled many times and still no .dll.  Am I missing something?  I love the VDL 2.5 sounds and want to use it (Especially since I paid for the full Lib.)

Any help on this would be great!  My email is public so If you want to email me there you can.

Thanks guys and happy chopping!


Windows vista
finale 2010
VDL 2.5
*not sure what else you need*
I followed the instructions on that link, but when I opened the ";tapspace instruments for finale.mus"; the file was blank. I am running on Snow Leopard. Any help would be appreciated.
I started a blog and put up video of how to work with Finale and Virtual Drumline. I'll put up plenty of information on how to work in Finale 2010.
Hi Larry,

This is really cool. Thanks for taking the time to put together your blog site, and I'll look forward to seeing how your lessons progress. I'm sure a lot of people will find your expertise very useful. Kudos!!

Nice Larry, thanks from another voice in the Finale 2010 community.  I am anxiously awaiting the announcement for the release of the new 2010 VDL Templates .... although I have some mixed emotions because I just recently succeeded in programming a layout and midi map for the ";maracas) in VDL 2.5 (wanted to start small) .... the changes to percussion formats in 2010 are really confusing at first with the separation of the layouts and the midi maps, and not exactly elegant either at this point, although 2010a was an improvement and Finale is working on further  improvements I believe. 

And Jim, the 2009 Finale template actually works quite well with 2010.  Where there are gaps, its been very useful to have the 2009 template available as a learning tool to understand how the new pieces fit together in the new percussion format (and to experiment with creating new layouts, a process which are not exactly intuitive).  But at the end of the day, some of us who have upgraded to 2010 are still jonesing for the new template.

I am finding that the updates for Finale 2010 and VDL have really helped in subtle areas. I have not used the new Tapspace templates because I make my own, but I'm sure that they also work well.

You can also now add VDL ready staves to scores from the set-up wizard fairly well, but there are still issues if your score is from someone else who uses an earlier version of Finale. I have but some stuff up on the blog that helps.
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