Bass Clef Marimba and Suspended Cymbals

Hi folks,  still using Sib5 and VDL2.5. 

Here is my situation.  I added a marimba part...changed the staff to bass clef, started writing in my stuff and then made an instrument change to suspended cymbals.  First, the cymbal notes were all on the wrong lines and I manually moved them up to the appropriate spot.  Anyone know why that is?  Then, when I changed back to marimba, it forcefully gives me a treble clef.  When I try to change the clef, all the notes are all on the wrong lines and spaces.  Any help would really be appreciated!  Thanks.
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When doing your Instrument Change to the suspended cymbal instrument, be sure the ";Add Clef if applicable"; checkbox is checked. With this in place, you should get a percussion clef prior to the suspended cymbal part which should properly display and playback. If that clef isn't there, your original bass clef setting may throw off the display.

By default, the VDL marimbas are set to a treble clef, so when you switch back to the marimba, that's probably why you're getting the treble clef. While it's one more step, the best route would be to replace this treble clef with a bass clef at the time you switch back to the marimba.
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