Custom Racks?

Hello all! I've searched these forums but havnt found an answer to my question. I wanted to know if it was possible to create custom racks? I use sib 6 with vdl 2.5. I know you can do instrument changes and all but i want to have several different instruments on one stave at a time. I saw that you can edit the instruments and i tried doing that, but was not getting the sounds that i chose, ex. i went into edit instrument. Clicked on rack a and pressed edit. I added a new note and changed the notehead to the desired note. Then i clicked on choose sound and put in a vibraslap. But what i got was a closed hihat. Anyone got a solution?
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You'll be limited to the layout of the instruments that come included in VDL 2.5. You can check the VDL User Guide to see what options there are for the combo instruments.

Changing the mapping in Sibelius won't make a different sound come out of the instrument that's already loaded. You can't modify which sounds are included in the VDL instruments.
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