Multiple choices in instrument list

If this subject has been addressed already, or I missed somewhere else, I apologize in advance as I did search for this.

I have set up Sib 6 with the new template, soundsets and playback configuration--everthing seems ok.  However, in the template, when I go to instruments and choose from ";VDL Template6.0";, many of the battery instruments have an ";A"; version.  It will list the instrument, and then list it again with an ";A"; in parantheses. 

Which on is the correct one or does it matter? 


Hey Chris,

The new ";A"; instruments in the template allow you the option to write primary snare parts on the ";A"; space instead of the ";C"; space. Neither is wrong or right, it's just an option for those who prefer to write snare music on the ";A"; space. There are more details about this in the ReadMe.

[quote author=Josh Champagne link=topic=3245.msg17168#msg17168 date=1249162890]

... There are more details about this in the ReadMe.


To everyone,

Even though there are many similarities in the 6.0 Template to previous ones, make sure you take at least one thorough pass through the Readme to familiarize yourself with what may be either new or different.

Thanks guys.......and sorry for missing it.  I suppose I was a little impatient/lazy.

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