Kontakt Player 3.5

Recently, Native Instruments released the latest version of Kontakt Player. This version is based on Kontakt 3.5 and is available as a free download from the NI Website.

This player essentially merges Kontakt and Kontakt Player into one piece of software now. Essentially, Kontakt Player is now a ";mode"; the software runs in if the user doesn't have a full license for Kontakt 3. It'll still run in ";Kontakt Player"; mode though and will run Kontakt Player formatted libraries.

While Kontakt Player 3.5 will successfully load VDL instruments, there are a few reasons we're asking VDL users to hold off on using this player for the time being. Primarily, there are some programming revisions we need to do on our end to ensure Virtual Drumline plays back with the ideal volumes within this new player. A maintenance update to VDL will fix this problem. During this time, we'll also need to test certain functionality of the new player within Sibelius and Finale - where a lot of VDL users spend their time, to ensure proper function.

So feel free to download the new player, install it, and learn your way around. It will not overwrite your Kontakt Player 2 software, so you can rest assured of that. Keep in mind, however, that your results with VDL will vary until we can finish up a VDL Library update.
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