Violent Tenor Cream - now ready to assault you.

Recently, we announced a new book, ";Violent Tenor Cream,"; the long-awaited follow-up to ";Violent Ice Cream."; Today, the wait is over. [url=]Violent Tenor Cream is now shipping and available for purchase from the Tapspace website. [/url]

This book contains the physical outpourings of quad juice from: Matt Altmire, Michael Apodaca, Bill, Bachman, Mark Campbell, Mike Hodges, Murray Gusseck, Colin McNutt, Brian Perez, and Nick Werth. 76 pages is barely enough to contain the sheer amount of notes these guys have available to throw at you.

Next week, we will make each of the included piece available for immediate download as A La Carte items. Check back soon for those. In the meantime, go to the [url=]product page[/url] and click the [b]Demos[/b] link to view these masters in action!
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