Kontakt Player 2 -- Question

Hello all,

My first disclaimer is that I know this is not the Native Instruments Support Page, but for one reason or another that page is down today or I just can't access. Plus, I know that the knowledge base here may be able to answer my question.


I'm using my school laptop to interface our MalletKat with VDL 2.5. So far, my set-up has worked well (except for needing a new sound card). However, here lately Kontakt Player won't work unless the computer is....... get this....... connected to the INTERNET! Weird, huh?

When I'm not connected to a freaking ethernet cable (that's practical for outdoor performance...) I get a couple of different error messages. ";The sound library is not registered?"; or ";Your hardware has changed, you need to go to the NI Service Center."; Well, I know the sound library is registered.

So, going to the NI Service Center doesn't help, because it says everything is in order and legit and activated.

The only variable is that I added 2 GB's of Ram this summer and this is the first time I've accessed Kontakt since then. I don't know how that could be a problem, but since it said something about the hardware, I don't quite know what to do.

Any suggestions?
Seems strange that adding RAM would do that. I know that when I changed out my motherboard I had to reinstall pretty much everything, but it doesn't seem that adding RAM would cause such a headache. Have you tried opening a support ticket with NI?
I'll give that a try, Bryan -- thanks. The thing that really trips me out is that everything works when I'm hooked up to the internet...
This does sound rather odd. Nothing is jumping to mind unless somehow the library you're trying to access via KP2 is located on a network drive. It may not necessarily have anything to do with the internet, but rather, the LAN where your computer normally lives.

Hopefully NI will be able to get you back on track. If the solution becomes clear, I'd be curious to know what the fix is.
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