Probably a redundant question about MAudio Oxygen 8 and VDL2

I am sure that the answer is somewhere in the discussion board, but I cannot find it.  I am relatively new to using a MIDI controller, I am trying to trigger sounds live from my MAudio Oxygen 8.  I have an iMac with OS 10.5.8, and VDL2.  I can get the computer kboard to play what I need, but not the

Sibelius?  Finale?
I am a Sibelius user, but my goal is not related to Sib.  My goal is to use it for live performance.  I did think about setting up a random score, and simply ";playing"; into the score and having the live sounds come out that way, but I would prefer to learn how to do this the correct way. 


Have you tried simply opening Kontakt Player 2 and setting the [b]MIDI IN[/b] to your Oxygen 8? Not sure how well that works on a Mac, but if you haven't tried it that might be worth a shot.
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