Staff Type Change in Sib4

Hey Guys-

I was unable to find any info on this by searching.  I am writing an accessory part that requires the players to move to vibes, glock, and marimba.  When doing a staff change to Vibes or Marimba, it makes the staves 3 lines only.  Not sure how to fix this.  If you have any ideas please let me know.

I'm running Vista 64-bit with Sibelius 4.1.1 and VDL 2.5.

Thanks in advance

-Alex Helton
I can't remember what the process was with version 4, but I know this would be a good question for the actual Sibelius site.
Thanks Jesse

I'll post it there as well, just thought perhaps it was a template issue since it is when I select VDL2 Vibes Sus. Cym.

Thanks again.
Had you mentioned that was the problem at first, I could have given you an answer. 

1) House Styles > Edit Staff Types
2) From Percussion, choose VDL2: Vibes Sus Cym, then click Edit
3) Under the General tab, change the number of lines from 3 to 5.
4) Move the triangle noteheads up to the C space (treble clef) and the Xs up to the A space.
5) Change the ";Input Using Pitch"; to match the ";Use MIDI Pitch"; then Ok
6) This should fix it.

Except for changing it to 5 lines will alter the note head positioning and therefore affect playback.

It's been so long since I made the Sibelius 4 templates, let alone used one that I don't recall a simple work around other than using the 3 line staff as it is.  I made it a 3 line staff on purpose so that it jumped out at the performer for easy visual reference.
Touche, Bill.  See the steps I added to the process above. This should work. I posted before without testing. The added steps should fix the problem.
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