Buzz Rolls

When I had Sib 5, the buzz rolls where fine. Now that I have Sib 6, it sounds like a bunch of fast singles vs a nice crush. I wanted to say Orange Crush, but for some of you may not know the soda. LOL. I have the templates and everything is up to date. I am sure this is a simple fix.
Are you sure you're using the Sibelius 6 template and have the VDL Soundset 6.0 selected in the Playback configuration?
Yes. I have the latest sound set. Sibelius 6 template and it is set in playback as 6.0. Cymbal rolls also. 

Are you using Kontakt Player 2 or 3?

Make sure that you are using 2 at this point, since 3 has not been verified yet to work properly with all sounds in VDL.
Yes. I am using 2. I did notice that Kontakt 3 had very low volumes, so I discontinued using it.
In the score you're having problems with - if it was originally created in a template for Sibelius 5 (i.e. the 5.2 or 5.2.5 template), be sure you're using the 5.2 or 5.2.5 sound set for such files.

Check out video #7 here for an explanation of qualifying which template your score originated in (regardless of what version of Sibelius you're running).
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