Auxillary percussion staff sound change

Hi, I'm using sibelius 6 and I am trying to create an auxillary percussion line with the tambourine concert bass and cymbals all within the same staff. How might I map out the sounds for each line.  At the time I;m using the percussion staff but I only have drumset options.  I would like to know how to change this.

Thank you
You need to use what is known as an [b]Instrument Change[/b] in Sibelius.

First off, are you using the the full version of Virtual Drumline? If so, are you using the Sibelius 6 Virtual Drumline (VDL) Template as can be found here:

If you are, the process for adding Instrument Changes is documented pretty well in the Readme that comes with the template (p.11 to be exact).

If not, you would be well advised to purchase it if you plan on doing any work with VDL in conjunction with Sibelius.
I think she is talking about making the ultimate rack on one staff. I tried using ledger lines as a different instrument from what it gave me. Like going into edit instruments and adding new sound for that ledger. I wanted to create a concert bass in my percussion staff. So that I don't have to create another staff just for one instrument. We use instrument change, but are just taking Sibelius for a ride to see what it can do. I say ";we"; because we live in the same house and use the same computer. LOL.

Ok. Now when I edit the instrument, I am able to create a new sound. Like let's say for now, a concert bass to play on the (F) key (position on staff) . I see that I am able to select the sound in every way(stick type, warm, soft etc..). But when I we go back to play it, or even in the in the edit staff type menu, it will not play the sound or instrument I choose. Think of it as a drum set with a bunch of triggers. I only want to write for the drum set staff. I don't want to create another staff just to play a couple of counts of rhythms that possibly may not be used again. A whistle, hand clap, triangle, wood block, auxiliary percussion, etc.. I see it, but just can't get it to work. I tried looking in edit note head, but it has everything selected to play. (Like the Unison bass case)

Hopefully you get the picture we are trying to create. We understand instrument change. We just don't want to dedicate several staff lines for one or two players. Although it does make sense, but for many reasons, I will need just one or two sounds while I am playing my feel.

It sounds to me that both of you are fairly new to Sibelius and its SoundWorld format. If so, then there is a learning curve you have to get through to make full use of VDL Template 6.0. If you haven't viewed the video tutorials yet, you can find them here (these videos are for Sib 5, but the Sib 6 process is virtually identical):


On to your question. Sibelius does not have what you want to do designed into its feature set. The sounds you can assign to an instrument are limited to the sounds contained within the specific patches that are loaded into whatever playback devices you have activated.

For example, if you want to use the sounds in the ";Congas Manual"; VDL library patch, you would ONLY have those sounds available to use that are programmed into that patch. From there, this requires a unique instrument to be setup in Sibelius to correctly access those sounds (like in the Template). For what you want to do, the limitation is this: [b]Sibelius will only load one patch per instrument [/b] into KontaktPlayer2 at a time. Maybe in the future we will have more flexibility directly within the Sibelius environment, but for now, we don't.

If you have a lot of spare time you can learn how to edit NKI files (the actual patch file that gets loaded into KP2) using the full version of Kontakt and create your own combo instruments that way (then create an instrument in Sibelius to match). Or, hopefully, one of the Combo instruments will have the sounds you are looking for.

The combo instruments are:  BD and Tam Tam, General MIDI Set, Latin Combo, Metal Combo, Rack Combo A, and Rack Combo B. The easiest way to see what's in these is to view the Mapping Diagrams in the Readme.

Whether any of the above will suit your needs or not, I don't know, but here is your chance to voice your request for future VDL library update items in this thread:


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