Mark Wessels Fresh Approach

Hello all,

I just started my new job, and while in the process of trying to place an order for Mark Wessels Fresh Approach for snare for my beginning percussion class, the gentlemen/company that the school orders through mentioned that this book was out of print.  Is this true?  If so, I am looking at using K. Wylie's book.  Are there any other good books to consider?  Thanks for all of your help.

Ricky Morrow
Hi Ricky,

Sometimes the music dealers may not have the full story on whether or not something's out of print. That doesn't mean he's incorrect, however for the real story you may want to contact the publisher directly. You can find info on this book on [url=]Mark's website[/url].

Good luck!
Thanks Jim. 
I can't imagine that this would be out of print. It's pretty much standard curricula with the Wylie book here in Texas for beginning percussion.

BTW, you can't go wrong with either book (personally, I prefer Kennan's book).
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